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A place to meet, hangout and get things done.

Whether you want to meet with a co-worker, hang with your project team members, get help from your teacher, or speak to a customer, Meetings.io has made it amazingly simple to meet them face to face online without the need for installing complex software, joining a social network, or having to add contacts.

Meet face to face online.

Meet with your team mates, customers, clients, board and co-workers online instead of having to make the trip to a physical location. Get all the same experience as a face to face meeting but do it online and save time and money.

Hangout with your team, co-workers or project groups.

Hangout with up to 5 people at a time and see them all at once. You can have people drop in and out of your hangout at any time. As more people drop in, the room automatically resizes to completely fit all the participants so you can clearly see everyone at the same time.

Share your Screen

Share your computer screen with the rest of your meeting or hangout peers. Share your entire screen or select a specific application to share. Give product demos and complex presentations all from your own computer screen where everyone can see.

Your Profile Page

Sign up to create your personal profile and get your personal room with its own personalized address. Use your profile page to conduct regular meetings or hangouts and since it's personalized with your own url and style you can tell people to "meet me in my room" instead of having to send people links to a unique url.


No Signups, No Hassles

You don’t need to be in a social network to use Meetings.io. In fact you don't even have to signup with Meetings.io to use Meetings.io. Just visit our front page and create a meeting room and you're done. No signups, no social network integration, no hassles.

It's simple to join a Meeting or Hangout.

We designed Meetings.io to be simple both for the creator of a meeting or hangout, and more importantly, for your guests dropping into the meeting or hangout. Everyone knows how to click a link and that's all you need to do to join a meeting or drop into a hangout.

Give your Meeting or Hangout a Name

You can give your meeting or hangout a name anytime by just updating the name field in the room. From then on the room will have this as its name for all to see. Call it, "Monday Partner Meeting" or "Development Team Hangout" and drop in and out all you want knowing you are dropping in to the same place every time.

Take Personal Notes

They say nothing gets done until it's written down. That's why we built a notepad within the meeting room that enables you to take personal notes during your meeting or hangout. Your notes are kept private and automatically get saved to your profile if you have an account or gets emailed to you if you don't have an account.

Live Group Chat

Send messages and text chat as a group with your meeting or hangout peers. Copy and paste paragraphs, comments and sections of documents for all to see. Use the live group chat to share links to presentations, photos, entire web pages and other online resources. Oh, and yes, we do have the smiley face :)

Play Online Videos

You can play videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion all within the room. Simply share any video link within your live group chat and click the link to play the supported video. Your microphone is muted automatically while the video plays to suppress echo from the video’s sound.

Share Files and Documents

Share documents and files within the room. Share presentation documents, pictures, files, word or excel documents and more. We’re currently rolling out this feature to a select number of users.

Keeping You Organized

As a registered user, all your meetings, past, present and future are stored and managed for you in your personal profile. From here you can schedule meetings in advance and see all the meetings you have attended. In the one clean interface you can now search and browse through all your scheduled meetings, hangouts, notes, files and chats and more.

Conference Calling

Call mobiles, landlines and international destinations from within your meeting room. All calls are treated as another participant in your meeting room so all others in the room can also communicate with the person on the other end of the phone line. Online teleconferencing has never been this easy. We’re currently rolling out this feature to a select number of users. Stay tuned for more.

Auto Contacts

You never have to add contacts. When you want to invite guests to your meeting simply enter their name and email and the system will remember them for you. So the next time you want to invite them to your meeting just start typing their names and the system will show you a list of matches such that you can select the contact you want.

Public or Private Mode

You can set your room to public, private or restricted mode anytime. When public, anyone can drop in the room without needing permission. When in private mode anyone wanting to enter the meeting will need permission from the peers first. This gives you security in only allowing whom you want to drop into your meeting or hangout. Finally when set to restricted mode, nobody else can enter the meeting and you will not get any permission request.

Virtual Waiting Room

How cool would it be if you could have people waiting in a virtual waiting room while you're attending to another meeting. With Meetings.io you get just that. When in private mode or from your vanity room you can reply to entry request by sending them to a virtual waiting room and then let them enter the meeting room once you’re ready to accommodate them.

Designed for Humans

The user interface was designed from the ground up to be clean and uncluttered so that the focus is on the people in meeting and hangout and not on the meeting tool itself. We believe that the meeting tool should not get in the way of the meeting or hangout experience and as such we designed the entire interface to enable you to remain focused on the people you are communicating with.

Built for the Web

Meetings.io works completely within your web browser so you don't have to install any software. Using the latest technologies including HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, Flash 11 and pure Javascript, Meetings.io will work seamlessly within your web browser such that you and your meeting guests don’t need to worry about installing special software to make it work. If you can watch videos on YouTube, you can use Meetings.io.

Cross Platform Compatible

Meetings.io has been built to work on the widest possible platforms and browser combinations including Windows, Mac, Linux operating system and Chrome, Firefox, Explorer (8+), Opera and Safari web browsers.

Pure Peer to Peer Architecture

Meetings.io incorporates P2P (peer-to-peer) technology architecture that transmits video and audio data directly from one person to the other. This means that your communication is transmitted directly to your peers instead of being sent to a server first and then re-distributed to your peers. This significantly improves quality by decreasing latencies and improves security by not having 3rd party servers intercepting your communication.

If your computer or firewall does not allow P2P, we will fall back to traditional video relay, via our servers. This guarantees your connection but relies on insecure methods.