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We've transitioned all of our meetings over to Meetings.io! I haven't encountered a video conference software more reliable and simple use than Meetings.io. It literally takes seconds to get everyone in a meeting.

Cindy Wu - Co-Founder of Microryza

Meetings.io makes it easy to set up and run meetings by delivering a simple, intuitive, and open platform.

Behzod Sirjani - Microsoft Research

I think @MeetingsIO is the best video-conference tool I’ve ever seen. Go check it out, effortless.

Martin Jensen - Freelance iOS-developer

Meetings.io a wonderful video conferencing site, works across many devices. No login required.

Anat Goodman - ESL teacher, Israel

This is a great browser based tool for creating instant video conferences.

Neelesh Bhandari MD - Doctor

Looks like a better Google Plus Hangout.

Kendall Clark - Founder, Stardog

Clean design, free to use, and empowering for businesses. I'm a huge fan.

Dan Britton - VSCpr & AppLaunch PR

Meetings.io is easy to use and easy on the eyes. It's video-conferencing without the baggage.

Johannes Petursson - Aerospace Engineer

Yesterday tried Meetings.io video conf with friends from diff countries.. worked well than g+ hangout.. liked it :)

Kumar Kiran - Consumer

Videoconferencing in the browser done right.

Dr. Christian Betz - Senior Software Architect

This is really neat. Instead of FaceTime or Skype or Hangouts here's a web-based platform.

Andrew Davis - Internet Cosmonaut

Loving @MeetingsIO for videoconferencing. Great UX - simple workflow, no signup required for participants, and beautiful to boot.

Dmitry Nekrasovski - UX Lead, @openText

Just discovered @MeetingsIO, definitely the easiest way to setup a meeting. Real contender against WebEx & Go2Meeting.

Derek Myers - Developer, @oneSite

The UX is pretty slick and having a conference is about as easy as I can imagine it being.

Chad Selph - Developer, Twillio

Meetings.io is one of the most intuitive and zero friction online group meeting experiences that I've ever had.

Henry Lee - Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

I love Meetings.io. It's a lot quicker and easier to use than setting up a Skype call.

Edward Jiang - Founder, Student RnD

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